Oenanthe Ecologie, the research company of Herman van Oosten PhD, aims to understand why bird populations increase or decrease. As long as exact mechanisms are not sufficiently understood, possible conservation actions may not be succesful or may only be succesful as a matter of chance.

Since most of my work is on insectivorous songbirds, study of their breeding biology is an important factor. Most songbirds are short-lived, which explains why nestpredation and food abundance for nestlings are important. Both factors are aim of study.

My studies are made accessible to site-managers of nature reserves, to regional and to local governments in the Netherlands. Ultimately, they are responsible for keeping populations of many bird species in a favourable population size. Results are initially published as reports, but also as peer-reviewed articles, often in English.

You can contact me via telephone or email:

t  +31 6 2007 6423
e info@oenanthe-ecologie.nl